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64 People Die in Japan After Getting Swine Flu Jab

Posted by ObeMike Thursday, December 10, 2009

source: theflucase 

A total of 64 people have died in Japan as of December 8th after receiving the swine flu shot, according to a report in the newspaper Mainichi. 

One teenage boy died immediately after taking the shot. 

Another man was found dead in his home four days after he received a swine flu jab.
He complained of stomach ache and vomitted and died later at home on his own.
His doctor stated his death was not linked with H1N1 flu shot and that the side effect of the shot was only a stomach ache. 

In addtion, there have been many reports of deaths related to Tamiflu in Japan, including young people falling to their deaths from their appartment after taking Tamiflu, violent and irrational actions and hallucinations. 

But while the Japanese corporate media appears to downplay the side effects of the swine flu jab and of Tamiflu, it exaggerates the threat of the mild swine flu. 

Accoording to Sankei news on November 27th, more than 100,000 people have been infected with swine flu in Japan. The total number of deaths caused by the siwne flu is over 100 people, it is maintained. 

The Japanse government completed the first phase of its mass vaccination programme in the middle of November, after giving 450,000 people the jab. 

Children and pregnant women were given the priority groups vaccinated using a swine flu vaccine made in Japan.

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