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The French government is about to move the country to the highest pandemic alert level allowing the implementation of full-scale martial law, according to a report in Le Figaro.

Measures allowed under the country's highest pandemic level, 6, include

*forced vaccination
*forced quarantine/isolation
*compulsory wearing of face masks/respirators for health personnel
*the distribution of plastic body bags for the "deceased"
*a ban on public gatherings
*a ban on transporting documents by courrier
*closure of all schools and education establishments
*restricted movement
*restricted access to hospitals, old people's homes, prisons and other social institutions
*restrictions in transport, also of food and other supplies

The move to pandemic level 6 under WHO's instructions will strip French people of their basic civic rights at a time when the government has set up the infrastructure for the mass vaccination of the entire population by force mobilising military units to work in the special vaccine centers.

Only about 85 people in France have died from the swine flu according to the authorities, far fewer than for the regular flu.

There are no reliable figures for how many of these deaths were really due to the swine flu and how many were seasonal flu deaths reclassified as swine flu deaths by the government as has been proven to have occured in Scotland.

According to the French government, two to three million people have visited their doctor and are suspected of having the swine flu - and this is enough to enact the draconian legislation and move to compulsory vaccination with an untested and toxic jab for which the pharma companies have no liability.

However, this is clearly a fraudulent manipulation of scientific data to justify an illegal and criminal power grab.

People vaccinated in the special vaccine centers in Laxou en Lorraine have left comments on Le Figaro, saying they had to sit for 2 hours on the floor of a gymnasium before being given the swine flu jab in a box measuring one meter by one meter without any curtains and in full of view of everyone else.

"It is shameful!" says the person.

Are the people of France to be subjected to a degrading vaccination with toxic substances causing long term damage and death -- in many cases, indeed, immediate death -- by force in the full sight of the entire world?

And does the government of France, specifically President Nicolas Sarkozy, Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot and Defence Minister Herve Morin, really think they can get away with this mass murder by closing borders and shutting down the internet?

They can not.

We, the People, of The World refuse to allow this crime to occur, and the people responsible to go unpunished.

We refuse to let it occur in France or any country of the globe.

It is time to End the WHO, End the EU, and bring these criminals in the French and other governments to trial.

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