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Polish Health Minister Calls for "Pandemic" To Be Declared Ended

Posted by ObeMike Monday, December 7, 2009

source: theflucase 

The Polish Health Minister and family doctor Ewa Kopacz defended her decision not to order the swine flu vaccine for Poland from pharmaceutical companies after they refused to accept liability for the new and untested jab at an EU meeting in Brussels this week, reports Polskaweb. 

“I will not change my strategy, for which I will, however, take the full responsibility. I have taken this position for a long time under an enormous external pressure, and felt compelled to make certain decisions. But I cannot with good conscience give way,” she said to applause from some of her colleagues.

“We did not have a single death in [Poland] in nearly 7 months swine flu hysteria which could be attributed to the H1N1 virus," she said.

“Now 24 people have allegedly died from the virus in the blood in the last three weeks.“

“1158 people in Poland have so far been infected and only a handful of these patients are sill in hospitals and most of these because they were suffering from other chronic diseases as well as having the swine flu virus."

“This is true of nearly all the people who died. They had various underlying sicknesses, including cancer and HIV and kidney illnesses,“ Kopacz said.

She noted that 80% of the people with the swine flu suffered milder symptoms than people with the normal flu.

Kopacz also called for an end to the swine flu pandemic level 6 declaration and a return to reason.

Kopacz has in the meantime been attacked by Janusz Kochanowski, national ombudsmen, who filed charges on Tuesday in Warsaw against her for not failing to address a pandemic in a move that is bound to raise speculation as to whether he has financial links to the pharma cartel that profits from promoting the idea there is a pandemic when there is verifiably no pandemic.

Even the Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger has admitted there is no swine flu pandemic and called for WHO to “re-evaluate the pandemic level 6“ declaration.

Stöger has come under fire in Austria for wasting huge amounts of public funds in purchasing the untested and toxic swine flu jab from Baxter, a jab which the general public has refused to take.

Criminal charges should be filed against Kochanowski for abusing his position and endangering the lives of the Polish people by pressuring the Health Minister to buy the swine flu jabs for the profits of the pharma companies.

The Polish media also received praise from officials for „honest“ reporting of the facts that there is no pandemic threat in contrast to the foreign press which has been spreading panic so helping big pharma to massive profits.

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