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UNEP: No Safe Mecury Level in the Human Body

Posted by ObeMike Tuesday, December 1, 2009

source: theflucase

The WHO has recommended swine flu vaccines with mercury in spite of statements by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) warning about the toxicity of the metal.

According UNEP's mercury homepage: “There is no safe way to use mercury and scientists have found no safe mercury level in the human body”."

UNEP advises the public to "Be aware of dangers of mercury and the risks of mercury use!" and also: "Help raise awareness about mercury exposure risks with your family and in your community." 

“There is limited awareness of mercury in medicines. Continued, repeated use of these products is a human health risk”, UNEP states in the UNEP MERCURY PROGRAMME, Awareness Raising Package:

In a section “Mercury Use in Healthcare Settings and Dentistry” UNEP makes it clear that using alternatives that are not made of mercury is "safe": “Mercury compounds are found in certain preservatives, fixatives and reagents used in hospital laboratories and as preservatives in multi-dose vaccines in which bacterial growth needs to be suppressed.”

But according to UNEP “There are safe and cost-effective non-mercury alternatives for all uses of mercury in health care”.

Given this evidence and recommendating, why is WHO pushing on populations swine flu vaccines with mercury at all?

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