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Pregnant women express fears over swine flu vaccine

Posted by wicked blu Wednesday, September 30, 2009 0 comments

• Nearly half would refuse jab, survey shows
• Results come as Tamiflu introduction is criticised
Research nurse drawing swine flu vaccine into syringe
Research nurse drawing swine flu vaccine into syringe. Photograph: John Amis/AP

Almost half of all pregnant women say they will refuse to be vaccinated against swine flu once the jab is available, suggesting there is widespread concern about its safety, a poll has revealed.

Pregnant women are one of the target groups for vaccination identified by experts advising the government. In July, a study in the US showed they are more at risk of complications if they get the virus and more likely to end up in hospital than other people. Six pregnant women in the US died of swine flu complications between 15 April and 18 May.

Yesterday's survey, published by the website, confirms the fears of the authors of the US study, which was published online by the Lancet. It showed almost half – 48% – of pregnant women who responded said they probably or definitely would not have the jab if it is available. Only 6% said they definitely would and 22% said they probably would.

The results were unveiled on the eve of publication today of serious criticism of the government's handling of another part of its flu strategy. The Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB), which is independent of pharmaceutical companies, says the government has failed to come clean with the public about potential problems with Tamiflu, the already available antiviral drug that can reduce the severity of a bout of illness. Those include the side-effects, the potential spread of resistance – which could make the drug ineffective – and black market resale of the drug.

The women surveyed by mumsnet were not only reluctant to be immunised themselves but were also not happy to take their children to be vaccinated; 46% of those with children under five said they probably or definitely would not take their children for the jab. Just 5% said they definitely would, and 22% probably would. Some 1,458 people responded to the poll, 15% of whom said they had already had a case of swine flu in their family.

The results may in part be a response to the mildness of the illness that swine flu has induced in most people, but they suggest also that the government will have a big task ahead persuading people that immunisation is a good idea.

"It's obvious from these results and from discussions about this on mumsnet that lots of mums and mums-to-be are questioning whether or not to have the swine flu vaccine or give the vaccine to their children. Some are worried about how well it's been tested, others about its effectiveness and side-effects," said one of the website's founders, Carrie Longton.

"Everyone wants to do the best for their child or unborn child but many parents seem from our poll to be more anxious about the safety of the vaccine than they do about catching swine flu."

The editorial in the DTB, which is owned by the British Medical Journal, says the aims of the introduction of Tamiflu were to limit the transmission of swine flu, to reduce complications that could lead to death, to reduce the burden on society and the economy by shortening the length of a bout of flu, and to increase public confidence that a treatment was available.

But, says the DTB editorial, because this is the first time that Tamiflu has been used in a pandemic, "none of these is underpinned by strong evidence, despite allusions to the contrary from health officials and politicians".

The editorial, published online, goes on: "Defenders of the policy might argue that urgent situations sometimes require action despite incomplete evidence. But in such cases transparent risk assessment is crucial, as is honest communication with the public. So it is regrettable that obvious potential problems from widespread use of oseltamivir [Tamiflu] were not presented openly from the outset."

The UK took delivery last week of 200,000 packs of the vaccine made by Baxter Healthcare, one of two drug companies with which the government has signed contracts.

The vaccines were delivered – in contrast to the normal process for new drugs – ahead of approval for their use. The next step is for the European Medicines Agency to decide whether to license the Baxter vaccine and one made by GlaxoSmithKline. Both manufacturers hope to have their licence by early October. The Department of Health will give priority to those most at risk from the flu, including people with conditions that make them vulnerable – such as diabetes and HIV – as well as health workers.

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Source: Daily Mail - Last updated at 8:42 AM on 25th August 2009
Of the GPs surveyed, almost a third said they would not have the swine flu vaccine because they did not think it had been through sufficient safety trials
Of the GPs surveyed, almost a third thought the swine flu vaccine had not been tested enough 

Up to half of family doctors do not want to be vaccinated against swine flu.

GPs will be first in the line for the jabs when they become available but many will decline, even though they will be offering the vaccine to their patients. 

More than two thirds of those who will turn the jab down believe it has not been tested enough. Most also believe the flu has turned out to be so mild in the vast majority of cases that the vaccine is not needed. 

Last night Government experts criticised GPs who decide not to have the jab, saying they will put vulnerable patients needlessly at risk.

A week ago, a poll of nurses showed that a third would turn down the opportunity of being vaccinated against swine flu. 

News that medics are unconvinced by the need for a vaccine will cause grave concern to patients who will be invited for the jab over the next few months. 

A poll of doctors for Pulse magazine found that 49 per cent would reject the vaccine with 9 per cent undecided. 

A separate survey for GP magazine found that 29 per cent would definitely opt out of having the jab, while a further 29 per cent were unsure. Just 41 per cent said they would definitely have the jab.

Of those who said they did not want to jab, 71 per cent said it was because of safety concerns.

Richard Hoey, editor of Pulse, said: 'The medical profession has yet to be convinced by the Government's whole approach to swine flu, with most GPs now feeling that the Department of Health overreacted in its policy on blanket use of Tamiflu.

'Inevitably, that has coloured feelings about the planned immunisation campaign.

'The view among many doctors is that the Government hasn't yet made its case for why such a huge vaccination programme needs to be rushed in for what seems to be an unusually mild illness.'

But Professor David Salisbury, the Department of Health's director of immunisation, told GP magazine that frontline health workers had a duty to themselves regarding vaccination.

'They have a duty to their patients not to infect their patients and they have a duty to their families,' he said.

The Pulse survey questioned 15 doctors, while GP spoke to 216.

The poll raised further questions over the Government's planned mass vaccination programme. The jab, currently being processed, will be fast tracked and will not be fully tested before it is administered to patients.

There are also concerns the jab can spark cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome, which can lead to paralysis and even death.

A mass swine flu vaccination programme in the U.S. in 1976 caused far more deaths than the disease it was designed to combat, and the Health Protection Agency watchdog has asked doctors to look out for cases of GBS when the vaccinations begin.

Earlier this month, Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson announced that the jab will be given to people in high-risk groups, such as those with asthma or diabetes, as well as health workers such as GPs and nurses.

Some 14million people will be covered by the first wave of the vaccination programme, with everyone else following over the next few months.

The BMA is still negotiating with doctors over how they should be paid to give out the jabs. 

The union is demanding £7 for every injection.

A spokesman for the BMA said: 'The new vaccine has been thoroughly tested and we believe it should provide good protection against swine flu.

'It is important that doctors are among the first to be offered the vaccine as it will not only protect them but the patients they care for.

However, doctors like all individuals have the right to decide whether they are vaccinated or not.'

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It’s a race—will we all be injected with substances that program our own bodies to attack us before or after we realise that the newest weapon in the New World arsenal is our own immune system?

The theory that vaccines prevent the spread of infectious disease is based upon the belief that, by injecting a small amount of a disease into the body, it will develop "antibodies" that will prevent the injected person from contracting the disease against which he had been vaccinated.

The theory is complicated by the fact that attenuated doses of pathogens alone will not initiate an "antigenic response." So, vaccines contain compounds known as "adjuvants" to intensify the body’s immune response.

Traditional adjuvants are alum (Aluminum Hydroxide the adjuvent used in the lastest UK HPV vaccine), and thimerosal—which is 50 percent ethyl mercury and also serves as a vaccine "preservative."

According to Edda West, "A quick read of the scientific literature reveals that the neurotoxic effects of aluminum were recognised 100 years ago."

The neurotoxic affects of mercury are likewise not a secret and have been documented extensively in the scientific and medical literature since the mid-1800s.

More recently, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Recent medical literature shows that statistically significant numbers of kidney patients and intravenously-fed infants exposed to aluminum suffer neurological complications.
Other research shows that pain from muscle diseases is also linked to the presence of aluminum in the body.

Dr. Boyd Haley found that vaccines containing both aluminum and mercury greatly magnify the neurotoxic result of vaccination.

Most people understand that both aluminum and mercury are toxic. It is our body’s reaction to toxic exposure that vaccine advocates measure to determine vaccine efficacy. That elevated levels of mercury and aluminum can cause side-effects worse than the disease is not a consideration for most pro-vaccinators.

The New Wave

West, who is director of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network in Winlaw, BC, Canada, published the comprehensive, well-footnoted article "A Look into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants." The article explains that modern, synthetic or recombinant vaccines are "purer" and less toxic to the body than their live and dead virus predecessors and, therefore, require more potent adjuvants to illicit an immune response.

"This has created a major need for improved and more powerful adjuvants for use in these vaccines," the article, Vaccine Adjuvants: current state and future trends, published in the medical journal "Immunology and Cell Biology" stated.
Under this line of logic, alum is scheduled to be phased out and replaced with oil-based adjuvants such as squalene—an essential fatty acid derived from fish.

Squalene - The active adjuvent in the H1N1 vaccine

"The most effective adjuvants are formulated with oils but have long been considered too reactive for use in humans. Immunologists have known for decades that a microscopic dose of even a few molecules of adjuvant injected into the body can cause disturbances in the immune system and have known since the 1930s that oil-based adjuvants are particularly dangerous, which is why their use has been restricted to experiments with animals," West wrote.

The following (in italics) is from West’s article. Keep in mind that the FDA determined that squalene was present in varying amounts in specific lots of anthrax vaccine administered to tens of thousands of Desert Storm personnel (without their informed consent). Not surprisingly, tens of thousands of Desert Storm veterans have suffered permanent neurological damage and exhibit symptoms commonly referred to as "Gulf War Illness."

"The classic oil-based adjuvant called Freund’s Complete Adjuvant can cause permanent organ damage and irreversible disease – specifically autoimmune diseases. When scientists want to induce autoimmune disease in a lab animal, they inject it with Freund’s Complete Adjuvant, which causes great suffering and is considered by some too inhumane to even inject into animals.

"Dr. Jules Freund creator of this oil-based adjuvant warned in 1956 that animals injected with his formulation developed terrible, incurable conditions: allergic aspermatogenesis (stoppage of sperm production), experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (the animal version of MS), allergic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that can lead to paralysis) and other severe autoimmune disorders.

"Adjuvants can break ‘tolerance,’ meaning they can disable the immune system to the degree that it loses its ability to distinguish what is ‘self’ from what is foreign. Normally, the immune system ignores the constituents of one’s own body. Immunologists call this ‘tolerance’. But if something happens to break tolerance, then the immune system turns relentlessly self-destructive, attacking the body it is supposed to defend."

For National Security

The issue becomes more complicated with oil-based adjuvants that resemble oils found in the human body. West reported that seasoned journalist Gary Matsumoto found evidence to suggest that, "…when an oil is injected, the immune system responds to it not only specifically, but with heightened intensity because the oil adjuvant resembles so closely the natural oils found in the body. A ‘cross reaction’ then happens, sending the immune system into chaos destroying any oils found anywhere in the body that resemble the adjuvant oil. Demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis are an example of this destructive autoimmune process."

Matsumoto’s impeccably-referenced and footnoted book is entitled, "Vaccine A-The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are Only the First Victims." West noted that Matsumoto, who was the first journalist to break the story of squalene-containing anthrax vaccine’s link to Gulf War Illness, documented decades of secret medical experimentation on Americans without their knowledge or consent. "The unethical experiments detailed in this book are ongoing, with little prospect of being self-limiting because they have been shielded from scrutiny and public accountability by national security concerns," wrote Matsumoto.

Biological Time Bomb

Squalene is an oil that is readily digestible if taken orally. However, it behaves much differently when injected. Matsumoto cites data from more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers from 10 labs located in countries all over the world that document how squalene-based adjuvants can trigger the development of autoimmune diseases in lab rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Regardless of the known toxic effects on animals and the toxic effects on humans as experienced with squalene-containing vaccines given to Desert Storm personnel, Matsumoto claims, "Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in a whole new generation of vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe."

Among the chronic conditions observed in human and animal test subjects injected with squalene are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

In her article, "The Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines" (Nexus Magazine Dec. 2000), Australian vaccine researcher Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., lists the autoimmune diseases that have been linked to squalene injections in humans—arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhoea, night sweats and low-grade fevers.

But that, believe it or not, is the good news because its merely describes squalene’s experimental contribution to global epidemics of chronic autoimmune dysfunction. Once it becomes a common ingredient in vaccines (already, the squalene-based adjuvant MF59 is a component of the Italian flu vaccine FLAUD), it will be best described as a biological time bomb.

Our Own Worst Enemy

From Edda West: "The immune system does in fact ‘see’ squalene and recognizes it as an oil molecule native to the body. The key is ‘route of administration.’ As Gary Matsumoto says, ‘Squalene is not just a molecule found in a knee or elbow – it is found throughout the nervous system and the brain.’ When it is injected into the body, the immune system sees it as an enemy to be attacked and eliminated.

"As any immunologist will tell you, the way an antigen encounters the immune system makes all the difference. You can eat squalene – no problem as it is an oil the body can easily digest. But studies in animals and humans show that injecting squalene will ‘galvanize the immune system into attacking it, which can produce a self-destructive cross reaction against the same molecule in the places where it occurs naturally in the body – and where it is critical to the health of the nervous system.’

"This phenomenon is also known as ‘molecular mimicry,’ where the immune system forms antibodies against one of its own structures and will continue to attack the ‘self’ molecule in the body that resembles the one in the germ, or as is the case with squalene, an identical substance that is naturally present in the body. Once this self-destructive process begins, it never stops as the body continues to make the molecule the immune system is now trained to attack.

"Another example involving autoimmune ‘molecular mimicry’ is when the immune system has been sensitized to attack myelin, the insulating fatty coating around nerve fibres which insures the smooth relay of nerve signals. The body would continue to make myelin in order to replenish and repair the protective sheath around its nerve endings. But says Matsumoto, ‘In the act of doing so, the body immunizes itself against itself, administering over and over again what amounts to a booster dose of something that the immune system now wants to get rid of. This vital constituent (myelin) is now the enemy, and the immune system is now programmed to obliterate it in an endless loop of self-destruction—the process involved in MS (multiple sclerosis), and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

"Squalene is a kind of trigger for the real biological weapon: The immune system. When the immune system’s full repertoire of cells and antibodies start attacking the tissues they are supposed to protect the results can be catastrophic, wrote Matsumoto. Dr. Pam Asa concurs with Matsumoto when she stated," Oil adjuvants are the most insidious chemical weapon ever devised."

West continues, "The main proponents for the use of squalene in vaccines have been the U.S Department of Defense and the NIH. The anti-squalene antibodies found in sick American and British military personnel are evidence that military experimentation has caused an unprecedented health catastrophe in tens of thousands of people onto whom the vaccine was forced and who were denied the right to make an informed decision based on existing scientific knowledge of the dangers of injecting squalene."

Based upon decades of research in animals and humans, once oil-based adjuvants become the most common adjuvant contained in vaccines, there will be no way the pharmaceutical industry will be able to claim mass vaccination is necessary to prevent the spread of infectious diseases—it will be an open declaration of war on mankind. "By adding squalene to their new anthrax vaccine, they did not make a better vaccine, they made a biological weapon," Matsumoto observed.

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An American doctor and expert on infectious diseases absolutely will not give the swine flu vaccine to his children or take it himself. Watch this clip to reveal why:


Dr. Andrew Moulden, from Canada, has been a practising physician for 21 years. He and other doctors have completed research that has proved a causal link between vaccination and micro vascular strokes. He presented his research to various medical journals and organisations, but none would review it, publish it or comment on his research.

Frustrated, and wanting parents to know about this important research, Dr. Moulden decided to get involved in government and see if he could change the system from the inside.

Here's what he discovered about vaccines:

Dr. Moulden says the shots cause our body's own immune systems to hyper-react as large white blood cells naturally rush to attack the foreign particles injected into our bloodstream. The white blood cells are too big to enter, so they surround tiny capillaries where the foreign particles land, clog and collapse the capillaries.

This cuts off pathways for the smaller red blood cells to carry oxygen to the organs near those capillaries that contain the foreign particles. When the particles float near the brain, this lack of blood supply can lead to autism, SIDS and many other diagnosed illnesses in both children and adults.

Our immune systems will continue fighting the particles leading to long-term or chronic illness. Different organs are affected depending on where the particles are, which leads to different symptoms and 'disease' names, but the basic causes are the same and before this discovery were unknown.

The main cause of the problem is the additives in the vaccines. The purpose of the additives is to generate a faster response from white blood cells. This works perfectly - white blood cells rush to the site of the introduced foreign matter - and that is the source of the problem. The white blood cells block the capillaries and also collapse them, trying to destroy the foreign matter.

Dr. Moulden has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board for the First Annual World Congress on Vaccinology in Guangzhou, China, December 1- 5, 2008, where, he is to present to a group of 10,000 experts from around the world.

(From NewsBlaze, by Alan Gray, 27 September 2008).

To contact Dr. Andrew Moulden, see his political website, or call him on (705) 498-6284.

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Human papillomavirus - The vaccine attempts to work by making girls immune to strains of a STI


A 14-year-old girl has died after being given a cervical cancer jab as part of a national immunisation programme, but the exact cause of death is unknown.

The pupil was taken ill at Blue Coat CofE School in Coventry shortly after she received the Cervarix vaccine. She died in the town's University Hospital.

The local NHS said there would be a "short pause" in the vaccination programme but it would then continue.

The batch of the vaccine used has been placed into quarantine.

The injection protects against a sexually transmitted disease, which is linked to most cervical cancers.

A routine programme of vaccinating 12 and 13-year-old girls started in September 2008 across the UK using the Cervarix vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline. A catch-up campaign is now under way for older girls.

The injection offers protection against the human papilloma virus (HPV), the most common cause of cervical cancer.

'Urgent investigation'

The girl, who has not yet been named, died at lunchtime on Monday.

We are conducting an urgent and full investigation into the events surrounding this tragedy

Dr Caron Grainger

Dr Caron Grainger, joint director of public health for NHS Coventry and Coventry City Council, said their sympathies are with the girl's family and friends.

She said: "The incident happened shortly after the girl had received her HPV vaccine in the school. No link can be made between the death and the vaccine until all the facts are known and a post-mortem takes place.

"We are conducting an urgent and full investigation into the events surrounding this tragedy."

A small number of girls at the school had also reported mild symptoms such as dizziness and nausea but they were not admitted to hospital.

In a statement posted on the school's website, headteacher Dr Julie Roberts said during the immunisation, "one of the girls suffered a rare, but extreme reaction to the vaccine".

"A number of other girls also reported being unwell and some were sent home," she said.

"If your daughter has received a vaccine today we ask that you are extra vigilant regarding any signs or symptoms."

She listed possible reactions as mild to moderate short-lasting pain at the injection site, headache, muscle pain, fatigue and a low-grade fever.

'Tragic death'

It is thought about a million girls have already safely received the vaccine.

When the national immunisation project was announced, there was some controversy about the selection of Cervarix over Gardasil, which is used by the majority of vaccination programmes worldwide.

It is important we have the results of further investigations as soon as possible to establish the cause of this sad event

Department of Health

Q&A: The cervical cancer vaccine

Dr Pim Kon, medical director at GlaxoSmithKline UK, which makes Cervarix, said: "Our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the young girl.

"We are working with the Department of Health and MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to better understand this case, as at this stage the exact cause of this tragic death is unknown."

The global pharmaceutical company added that the vast majority of suspected adverse reactions have related either to the symptoms of recognised side effects or were due to the injection process and not the vaccine itself.

Different vaccine

Public health minister Gillian Merron said: "Our deepest sympathies are with the family. It is important we have the results of further investigations as soon as possible to establish the cause of this sad event."

In the UK, about 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and about 1,000 die from it.

The department said Cervarix had a strong safety record.

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said the tragedy needed to be investigated "as a matter of urgency".

He said: "This again raises the question which we have asked for some time, as to why the government won't publish the assessments it made of the relative merits of the two HPV vaccines and why we therefore use a different vaccine to most other comparable countries."

There are more than 100 types of HPV but only 13 of them are known to cause cancer.

Cervarix protects against two strains of HPV that cause more than 70% of cases of cervical cancer in women.

Vaccination is not compulsory and consent is required before it is administered to the under-16s. 

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Posted by wicked blu Monday, September 28, 2009 0 comments

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Source: Daily Mail 24th September 2009

Scientists are coming to the conclusion that the new strain of swine flu that has killed at least ten people around the world may actually be less dangerous than the average annual flu season.

The World Health Organisation is expected to move quickly to designate a full pandemic - at level 6 of its 6-point scale - within days to reflect the continuing spread of swine flu among people who have not been to Mexico, including in Europe.

But, though some people have died, the most common complaint from sufferers infected with the virus has been diarrhoea - and, despite the hype, the rate of infection appears to be more of a trickle than a deluge.

A scientist with viral samples in Glasgow - but are we in less danger than we think?

A scientist with viral samples in Glasgow - but are we in less danger than we think?

It has been nearly a month since four-year-old Edgar Hernandez, the first recorded person to show strains of the new virus, was taken ill on April 2. The U.S. was reporting two cases of swine flu by April 17 - nearly two weeks ago - and the first cases to be reported in the UK came on April 27, ten days after that.

This morning the World Health Organisation said on its website that as of 6am GMT, swine flu had infected 331 people in 11 countries, killing ten of them. Other estimates of the infections and deaths are higher - for instance Mexico says up to 176 people have died there and the authorities have confirmed 12 deaths.

However, despite the variations, the numbers are still relatively small - and they don't seem to be multiplying by hundreds and hundreds (yet).
Between 3 and 5 million people experience severe illness due to regular, seasonal flu around the world each year, and between 250,000 and 500,000 die as a result.

In the United States annually between five per cent and 20 per cent of the population becomes ill from the flu and 36,000 people die —a mortality rate of between 0.24 per cent and 0.96 per cent, reports have claimed.

The current mortality rate for swine flu is between 0.06 per cent and 0.24 per cent, the Los Angeles Times has reported - making it less lethal than the yearly bout of influenza.

Keiji Fukuda, the WHO's acting assistant director-general, said that swine flu appeared very similar to normal seasonal flu, a disease that is rarely fatal for healthy adults but can kill the elderly and infirm.

'It will take us by surprise': WHO director general Margaret Chan speaks at the organisation's headquarters in Geneva on April 29

'It will take us by surprise': WHO director general Margaret Chan speaks at the organisation's headquarters in Geneva on April 29

'Let's not lose track of the fact that the normal seasonal influenza is a huge public health problem that kills tens of thousands of people in the U.S. alone and hundreds of thousands around the world,' Dr Christopher Olsen, a molecular virologist who studies swine flu at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, told reporters.

The mortality rate and rate of transmission could change - for better or for worse. Flu viruses are known for being unpredictable, and from the beginning scientists have warned that this strain could mutate at any point - becoming either more or less deadly.

The WHO's director general Margaret Chan has reinforced this several times. Echoing other infectious disease experts, and drawing on her experience fighting SARS and bird flu outbreaks as health director of Hong Kong, she said viruses such as the H1N1 swine strain needed to be closely watched in case they worsen.

'We learn from previous pandemics. Pandemic virus is precarious, unpredictable, and will take us by surprise,' she told reporters at the WHO's headquarters yesterday.

Fukuda said it was not yet clear whether swine flu would turn into a mild or severe pandemic, raising the possibility that the virus could have more serious effects as it continues to permeate new communities or as climate conditions change.

There were three pandemic flu outbreaks in the 20th century - in 1918, 1957 and 1968 - known respectively as Spanish, Asian, and Hong Kong influenza. An estimated 50 million people died in the first outbreak, about 2 million in the second and between 1 and 3 million in the third.

'In the 1918 pandemic, the first wave was mild, but by fall, the second wave killed many people. So whichever way this virus swings, we can't possibly know,' said Guan Yi, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong.

'At this point, chances are it will be mild, but we can't rule out it will turn virulent. And even if it turns milder, it can still kill, depending on the kind of person it infects.'

The experts are understandably cautious - but as more and more evidence comes in, authorities are starting to hope we could avoid a worst-case scenario in this particular global pandemic.

Chan acknowledged that the disease may well cause more discomfort than death, noting that many patients infected in the United States have recovered on their own and without medicine.

'It is possible that the full clinical spectrum of this disease goes from mild illness to severe disease. We need to continue to monitor the evolution of the situation to get the specific information and data we need to answer this,' she said.

'There may be a possibility that the virus will die out and stop, and that would be the best for us. But it can turn the other way.'

Despite the trickle, the WHO is expected to raise the alert level to six within days, declaring a global pandemic. Mexico has partially shut down its economy and begged citizens to stay in their homes, and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on national television that he has warned his family to stay off commercial airliners and the subway.

Perhaps the deluge simply hasn't yet begun.

In the meantime, though, the WHO's own guidance to people who suspect they have been infected with swine flu is essentially the same as advice for seasonal flu care.
Its website's 'frequently asked questions' about the virus tell people who have a high fever, cough or sore throat to rest and take plenty of fluids, wash hands frequently, and avoid work, school or crowds as much as possible.

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Posted on Sep 24, 2009

This last spring was no different with the emergence of the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as the dreaded “swine flu.”

Major media vehicles wasted no time getting the word about how devastating the relatively unknown flu could be. “Yahoo!” went all out by running a headline “Is Swine Flu the Big One? Experts Have Long Feared an Epidemic that Would Kill Millions.”
Now, there is a fine line between creating awareness and generating unnecessary hype. So the question is, where exactly does the attempt to educate the public about something like the swine flu become too excessive?

Unknown to many, there are cases of swine flu in the U.S., as well as around the world, each and every year. As of September 18th, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that there have been 4570 hospitalizations from swine flu in 2008-2009, with under 1000 deaths. The CDC also reports that on average, 36,000 people die from seasonal influenza in the U.S. alone each year.
Seemingly, which of these facts should be more alarming? The average person should be able to understand that anyone who is already in poor health, elderly, etc. should be concerned about something like the swine flu, but why not be equally concerned about the seasonal flu, common cold, or pneumonia?

That’s where this excessive media coverage becomes a catalyst for national anxiety and fear. People do need to be informed and reminded, especially with the upcoming winter months, to take precautions on staying healthy, but they do not need to be told day in and day out to look over their shoulder because they could be next.

Unbeknownst to people, the swine flu is very treatable, and basically as dangerous, if not less so, than the seasonal flu.

That’s where this concept gets pushed way beyond the fear of the spread of swine flu. The idea of “if it bleeds, it leads” is often an accusation of news organizations all over the nation. Referring back to the article on “Yahoo!,” why, when at the time, there were only 10-15 cases of the swine flu, would a major media source post an article that is basically meant to cause a widespread panic?
Hypothetically, one can expect the same response with an article titled “Well, You’re All Probably Going to Die.”

Some people have to wonder if they would just be better off quarantining themselves in their households as to avoid all of the dangerous things in this world.

Why doesn’t the public hear about the advances that are being made in our hospitals around the country to further prevent and treat diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Why isn’t the obesity epidemic at the top of Google searches, and Swine Flu is almost at number one?

The point of all this is not to say that the nation is being thrown into an unnecessary frenzy, but rather to address the clear implications of pessimism and the avoidable build-up of certain stories that circulate in out media.

Over the past ten years, there have been plenty of “scares,” beyond health issues, that got excessive coverage. Some of these include SARS, the Avian Bird Flu, HPV and other honorable mentions.

It makes sense to build up stories like these from the media’s point of view, because if you just simply inform the public that something “exists,” they aren’t going to turn many heads since it’s not exciting or dangerous.

So in order to get exposure and circulation of a story, they need to make it seem like a major threat. Now, is this to say that if something like the swine flu does become an epidemic that it wouldn’t be devastating? The answer is absolutely not.

The world can be a dangerous place, but to live in fear isn’t really living at all.

The main idea can be summed up as originality. All too often when forming an opinion, a person will hear about a recent event, and take someone else’s words, and formulate it as their own.

If everyone is saying that the swine flu is a serious threat, and you have no idea what it is, chances are that person will consider it a serious problem.

One of the greatest things about this country is that someone can believe whatever they want, so the best thing to do would be to take advantage of that. Don’t fall victim to the swine flu anxiety.

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A Flyer You Can Circulate

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Saturday, 3rd October 2009 at 12 Noon - Houses of Parliament,

Parliament Square Garden, Westminster, London, till about 2pm

Here are the details:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have taken over the control of the UK vaccination schedule and now have the power to bring in new vaccines without government approval even if they haven't been safety tested. Prior to this, all new vaccines would have to pass through parliament and be voted on before they were introduced. Now the government is compelled to agree with anything JCVI say, even if there is no science to back it up.

JCVI are also exploring whether to get a 'guardian of the state' for all unvaccinated children and sue their parents to FORCE them to vaccinate - this means that vegetarians will be forced to take animal products via vaccines, people will be forced to be injected with cancer-causing chemicals and those people who have already had vaccine reactions and disabilities will have their lives put at risk.

They write in their meeting minutes:

'What exactly right meant [under the new NHS constitution] with respect to the right of a child to receive a vaccine when their parents were opposed to vaccination and * How the constitution affected the recommendations of the JCVI with respect to legal challenge.

See the meeting minutes here

Those on the committee are also on the boards of the drug companies who make vaccines and so are profiting from their recommendations.

To safeguard our right to choose the healthcare for ourselves and our children, Vaccination Awareness Network, the advocacy group for parents who don't vaccinate, will be protesting against mandatory vaccination and conflict of interest.

If you are a parent who doesn't vaccinate, if you would like to choose which vaccines you have, if you or a loved one are vaccine injured, please come along and show your support outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster at 12 noon on Saturday 3rd October 2009.

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by Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.

Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were innoculated with the tamiflu vaccine. Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and the sickness is spreading.
In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native reserves in northern Manitoba that have also received the tamiflu vaccine..
On the face of things, it appears that flu vaccinations are causing a sickness that is being deliberately aimed at aboriginal people across Canada, and this sickness will be fatal: a fact acknowledged by the Canadian government by their “routine” sending of body bags to these Indian villages.
Before you express your shock and denial at the idea that people are being racially targeted and killed, remember that murdering Indians with vaccinations is not a new or abnormal thing in Canada. Indeed, it’s how we Europeans “won the land”, and it’s one of the ways we keep it.
In 1862, Anglican church missionaries Rev. John Sheepshanks and Robert Brown inoculated interior Salish Indians in B.C. with a live smallpox virus that wiped out entire native communities within a month, just prior to the settlement of this native land by gold prospectors associated with these missionaries and government officials.
In 1909, Dr. Peter Bryce of the Indian Affairs department in Ottawa claimed that Catholic and Protestant churches were deliberately exposing native children to smallpox and tuberculosis in residential schools across Canada, and letting them die untreated. Thousands of children died as a result. (Globe and Mail, April 24, 2007)
In 1932, B.C. provincial police attempted to lay charges against Catholic missionaries who had sent smallpox-laden Indian children back among their families along the Fraser river near Mission, BC. The RCMP intervened and protected the church, even though whole villages were wiped out as a result of the church’s actions.
In 1969, native children who escaped from the Nanaimo Indian Hospital on Vancouver Island described being inoculated with shots that caused many of them to die “with bloated up bodies and scabs all over”, to quote one survivor.
Knowing this history, it’s not surprising when Indians on isolated Canadian reserves start sickening and dying en masse from sudden illnesses, after receiving flu shots. After all, it’s still the law in Canada, under the apartheid Indian Act, that no on-reserve Indian can refuse medical treatments or experimentation. So it’s small wonder that these reserves are the places being targeted first to be injected with untested, unsafe and potentially lethal flu vaccines.
As an entire race of involuntary test subjects, Indians in Canada are a weather vane for what will befall all of us, and very soon. For the very techniques and weapons of genocide perfected against aboriginal people are now being deployed against “mainstream” Canadians.
Under Bill C-6, which is about to pass third reading in Parliament and become the law, no Canadian will be allowed to refuse inoculations for the swine flu, despite the fact that it is relatively benign and mild, and has killed only people who are already immune-compromised. Indeed, it is astounding that such coercion and dictatorial laws are being employed to deal with what the chief Canadian Health Officer has called a “mild seasonal flu”.
Clearly, another agenda is at work; but the time to ascertain and challenge that agenda has all but run out. This coming month, forced inoculations and imprisonment of those who refuse them may be a reality across Canada. And for what reason? Clearly, not for public health, considering the sickness and death caused by previous swine flu vaccines.
I believe that the real pandemic is about to be unleashed through the very vaccines being pushed by governments and pharmaceutical giants like Novartis and Glaxo Smith Kline. The shots will be the cause, not the cure, of the pandemic. Of course, those in power can disprove this by simply being the first people to take the swine flu shot: an event about as likely as these companies forgoing the multi-billion dollar profits they will reap from the mass vaccinations.
It’s indeed ironic that, very soon, many “white” Canadians may be suffering the same fate that aboriginal people have for centuries. Perhaps it’s fitting. For if we are indeed being targeted for extermination, or at the least martial law and dictatorship, we finally can have the chance to shed our complicity in the genocide of other people, and get on the right side of humanity - simply by having to fight the system that is causing mass murder.
…………. ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……….
……… ……… ..
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 2H8

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By Dr. Russell Blaylock. (September 5, 2009)

span style="font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", serif;">Critical Observations:

  • Doctor visits for flu are down from the level in April
  • Total flu hospitalizations are similar or lower than for seasonal flu (yearly flu)
  • The number of death secondary to flu and pneumonia is unchanged from yearly rate.
  • Only two states are reporting widespread infections -- Georgia and Alaska. Other states report only regional or sporadic activity, meaning it’s not very contagious.
  • There is no evidence that the virus has mutated at all anywhere in the world
  • The virus remains susceptible to the drugs Tamiflu and Relenza.
  • Only 43,771 cases have been reported in the United States. Because of poor reporting the CDC estimates that true numbers indicate that one million have been infected. Many people did not get sick enough to go to a doctor. Likewise, not all people are tested who go to a doctor.
  • Of these 5,011 have been hospitalized and 302 have died.

Death Rates From the H1N1 Flu

If we use the 43,771 figure and 302 deaths that means the death rate is 0.6 percent, an extremely low death rate for any flu.

The percentage of hospitalized patients who died was 6 percent, again a very low incidence of death.

Since the CDC estimates that one million have been infected, we must recalculate death rates. Using this more accurate figure, the death rate is in truth 0.03 percent, which means 99.97percent will not die from this flu. Your chances of dying are incredibly low.

Age and Death Rates

We hear a lot about the unusual age distribution with this virus, especially as regards death rates, with the young being more affected than, as with seasonal flu, the elderly (90% of deaths are usually among those greater than 65 years old).

The risks of becoming infected are as follows:
Ages 5 to 24 y/o--------26.7 per 100,000 (0.027%)
Ages 0 to 4 y/o ---------22.9 per 100,000 (0.023%)
Ages 25 to 49-----------6.97 per 100,000 (0.0069%)
Ages 50 to 64 y/o------3.9 per 100,000 (0.0039)
Over 65 y/o-------------1.3 per 1000,000 (0.00013%)

And the risk of needing to be hospitalized are:
Ages 0 to 4 y/o---------0.0045%
Ages 5 to 24 y/o--------0.0021%
Ages 25 to 45 y/o------0.0011%
Over 65 y/o-------------0.0017%

This indicates that for all age groups, the risk of being hospitalized are far less than 1 percent and well over 99 percent of people will not need hospitalization.

This explains why this infection is being downplayed by the virologists themselves, the ones who know most about the dangers of viruses.

The distributions of death also vary considerably by age. Below is the distribution of deaths according to age.

Ages 25-49 y/o---------41%
Ages 50 to 64 y/o-----24%
Ages 5 to 24 y/o------16%
Over age 65 y/o------- 9%
Ages 0 to 4 y/o-------- 2%

So, we see that the greatest death rates in the extremely small fraction that die are between ages 25 to 49 and 65 percent are between ages 25 to 64.

The least likely to die are babies up to age 4 years, yet they are targeted for vaccination and as we see from the above data, children below age 2 years get absolutely no protection from the flu vaccines.

Analysis of the New Government Projections to the Media

If we analyzed it according to the worst case scenario released by the government we see far lower figures than being projected:

They say 150 million Americans will be infected. That is 150 X as many as now infected, and represents a much larger figure than now estimated with a 6 to 6.5 percent of a localized population.

For the United States itself with a population slightly over 300 million, their figures indicate a 50 percent infection rate. There is nothing to indicate such a high infectivity rate from the past 7 months of analysis.

It should also be appreciated that the infections will not occur all at once, but will slowly evolve, as we have seen thus far, meaning that at any one time a much smaller amount of Americans will be infected -- which also reduces the numbers who will require hospitalizations at any one time, and who will need ICU care.

As far as the number that will need hospitalization, the government now says there will be 1.8 million people hospitalized, of which 300,000 may need ICU treatment.

If we use the existing data we see that the numbers are quite different. At the time the data was taken, 303 people out of one million infected died and 5,011 needed hospitalization. This means a projected hospitalization incidence of 750,000 and a death rate of 45,000 deaths. Remember, this is using their data applied to the outrageously high figure of 50% of the population being infected -- that is, 150 million people.

If the infection rate is 6 percent, as all the studies have shown thus far, we see much smaller numbers.

Instead of 150 million infected we see 18 million infected. Using these more realistic figures we can estimate a hospitalization rate of 90,000 and a projected death incidence of 5436.

Again, it is important to keep in mind that the infections will be evolving and not all at once as both sets of figures seem to imply. If we spread this over several months and waves of the infection, we see that at any one time the hospitalizations will be a much smaller number, as will the deaths.

Thus far, there have been nationwide 2,000 hospitalizations a month and 99 deaths a month.

Certainly the hospitals in the United States can handle the increase. In the United States we have 5,759 hospitals containing 955,000 beds and 70,000 ICU beds. Most hospitalized people will not require intensive care. Most are suffering from dehydration and only required IV fluid infusion.

It should also be appreciated that most pediatric deaths and elderly deaths will occur early in the epidemic because the chronically ill and immune suppressed will become infected early. Therefore one would expect the deaths to rise initially and then fall as the infection spreads as we see from this graph:

In this chart we see that the hospitalization rates are actually lower for the swine flu than in previous seasons.

In this graph we see that the hospitalization rates were either lower or barely above the seasonal flu admissions in the previous two years.

We can see from the CDC’s own data that the hospitalization rates and death rates are no higher, in fact they are significantly lower, than the previous two to three flu seasons.

It is obvious that the government is using “scare tactics” to promote vaccine use in the United States and that the pharmaceutical makers of vaccines are in bed with these officials.

The public should be outraged.

Why Do Some Die From Such a Mild Virus?

As stated by the virologists, this virus is no more a danger than the seasonal virus that visits each year and actually seems to be much weaker.

One may also note from the CDC’s own data, the previous nonsense about 36,000 dying from the seasonal flu every year is pure fiction. We have had a little over 400 deaths nationwide over the past 5 months, nowhere near the 36,000 figure screamed from the airwaves and our TV sets, yet the public is in a state of panic.

So, why are some dying from this virus?

What is little understood by the general public is that the only reason people die from the flu is that they have either an immune suppressing chronic illness, such as diabetes, direct immune dysfunction, dietary deficiencies of critical immune-supporting nutrients, chronic pulmonary disease, heart disease or cancer.

Smoking powerfully suppresses immunity as well as damages lungs, and we know that smokers are much more likely to suffer complications and die than non-smokers.

Excess dietary omega-6 fats (corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, peanut and canola oils) also severely weaken immunity. The EPA component of omega-3 oils also powerfully suppresses immunity.

A study by the CDC found that 32 percent of children dying from H1N1 flu had asthma, when the incidence of asthma in the general population was 8 percent. Two thirds of the children who died had neurological disorders, such as seizures and cerebral palsy.

So, the vast majority of children who are dying have one of a number of chronic health conditions, yet the media gives us the impression that perfectly healthy children are dying.

A recent study of why so many died during the 1918 flu pandemic found that most of the deaths were secondary to bacterial pneumonia and not the flu virus itself. In 1918 hospitals had little to offer a sick patient -- there were no antibiotics, other than sulfur drugs, no IV fluids and no respirators -- all they could offer was a warm bed and aspirin.

It was also disclosed that the number of flu-related deaths among children was lower this year than the previous two years.

What are the Virologists Saying?

Virologists are scientists who study viruses -- their classification, their genetics, methods of spread and their ability to cause disease. No one knows more about this virus than the virologists.

The British science magazine, The New Scientist, recently polled 60 virologists to get their opinion. These are the results of specific questions:

Will the virulent version of the virus appear?

Extremely likely-----------------none
A 50/50 chance----------------- 14
Possible-------------------------- 38
Not at all--------------------------3

What the virologists are doing personally?

Stock Tamiflu or Relinza-----------------14
Stock above plus antibiotics------------- 6
Stock food, water and power source----5
Get pneumococcal vaccine---------------3
Nothing------------------------------------ 30
Hand washing, mask, etc--------------- 3

Notice there was no mention of taking the swine flu vaccine.

Behind the push to vaccinate the entire population are the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines, who are working in conjunction with the government to make the vaccine mandatory.

Homeland security and FEMA are pushing for forced vaccinations and the medical experts, virologists and epidemiologists are calling for calm and resorting to voluntary vaccination only. The former have links with the vaccine manufacturers via political contacts. A great deal of money will be made by the manufacturers, should forced vaccinations be mandated.

Will This Vaccine Be Tested?

According to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 5 tests are planned. It is not clear as to the use of the squalene adjuvants, ASO3 and MF-59.

Because of concerns raised, the FDA is now hedging. Independent studies of squalene used as a vaccine adjuvant indicates that it is associated with a very high incidence of autoimmune diseases, such as an MS-like neurological syndrome, rheumatoid joint disease and especially Lupus.

The developer of MF-59 is Chiron pharmaceuticals, which was purchased by Novartis pharmaceutical company, who will be the main supplier of the swine flu vaccine for the world. According to Dr. Fauci, testing in both children and adults will be without this adjuvant and he admits that we have no data on the safety in children.(See Nature Vol 460/30 July 2009, p 562 for the interview.)

There are 5 tests scheduled for safety before mass vaccinations will resume. I looked up on the actual studies being done. It is instructive to note that the only studies actually being done do not contain any adjuvant (the immune booster) either for babies or adults. Yet, when the mass vaccinations begin, the vaccines will have adjuvant added, possibly squalene.

The real irony here is that this is the same bait and switch game they played in the 1976 swine flu vaccine disaster.

They tested one vaccine and gave a different one during the mass vaccinations.

Here we go again. Over 500 people were paralyzed with Guillain Barre disorder. The incidence was much higher, because it was not a reportable disease. And over 300 people died, which is also a very low figure.

Dr. Fauci admits that they have no idea what will happen when they mix the three viruses from the vaccines together or when they are given sequentially. When he was asked if the results of the studies would be reviewed by the health authorities, he answered, “yes, except for those done by the Novartis company.”

He justified this secrecy by saying that Norvartis had a very advanced testing system, which was done “in-house” -- that is, in secrecy.

It is also important to appreciate that this vaccine has been fast-tracked, meaning that many of the usual safety precautions used to prevent contamination of the vaccines will be overlooked by the regulatory agencies.

According to a number of studies, vaccine contamination is widespread, with vaccines containing pestivirus, mycoplasma, viral fragments, DNA fragments and bacterial components, all of which can produce chronic systemic disorders, cancer, neurologic diseases and even slow brain degeneration.

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