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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny -Swine Flu Hoax is Over

Posted by ObeMike Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Swine Flu Hoax didn’t work, the swine flu pandemic didn’t happen and you just lost 2 billion dollars of your tax paying bucks going to the corporations that make vaccines that make you sick. These vaccines did not stop the swine flu and they are still to this day unproven to work in preventing any flu. Wake up to the truth about vaccines -they have never been proven to decrease any disease, and have never been tested for cancer causing side effects. This vaccine caused more harm in destroying people’s immune system with permanent damage to babies, the old and pregnant mothers.

In the 1960’s President John F. Kennedy banned all “experimental drugs” directed at pregnant mothers and President Obama allowed this again 50 years later. What was he thinking and why did Obama get conned from his own lobbyists? Was he stupid enough not to do his homework and allow such a dangerous unproven vaccine to be freely given to targeted pregnant mothers? Was he that stupid? Yes he was. So much for learning from history President Obama, you just blew it and President Kennedy would not have considered you an intelligent person -you were conned and so was every American who blindly took this dangerous swine flu vaccine. To think you almost made it a national law for a mandatory campaign which would have surely caused a violent and riotous response.

In fact if you took the swine flu shot you just added millions of dollars to the bank accounts of the CEO’s of Baxter Drugs and that is all you did. Your government just wasted 2 billion dollars on an unproven swine flu vaccine that nobody wants or trusts.

That is 2 billion dollars that could have been spent on job creation instead of making drug company’s very very rich. Baxter drug CEO’s are laughing at you – all the way to the banks. Read it and weep and call your congress person, you can’t afford another blundered drug company campaign to spend your money on unproven drugs or vaccines.

The time for waste is over and this economic depression will continue as long as drug company’s control your corrupt politicians. This includes Republicans and Democrats alike they are all on the take for campaign contributions for the next election. The only way to break this cycle is ” election campaign contribution reform” now.

No more drug company lobbyists allowed to influence peddle their useless and damaging drugs. Obama had talked a good game during his election but even he is relying on big donations from drug company’s as he did in Chicago.

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