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source: intelhub
by: Alex

Last year thousands of people stood up against Big Pharma and refused to get the toxic swine flu vaccine. Activists around the world stood up in mass to expose this open eugenics operation.

Since then multiple nations, in one way or another, have declared the swine flu vaccine toxic. In August, a minister in Finland demanded an investigation into the link between H1N1 and Narcolepsy.

Poland, the only country in the world to deny the swine flu vaccine outright, declared the vaccine potentially toxic amid suspicions that Big Pharma had once again lied to the world.

Big Pharma, fresh with a new trick up their sleeve, has added the swine flu and multiple other vaccines to the seasonal flu vaccine. Vaccine Propaganda is in full throttle. Grocery stores, commercials, government agents, and the corporate news have all pushed this eugenics operation on the American people.

Most people seem to think that if the vaccine is so toxic then more doctors would be speaking out against it. They are! Hundreds if not thousands of doctors have exposed the vaccine fraud and been literally blackballed by Big Pharma agents within the medical community.

Luckily, a patriot nurse has taken video of the actual package insert. What she found is horrific but should be no surprise to anyone reading this or the plethora of other alternative news outlets. No clinical tests, decreased fertility, and over 20 deaths.

That’s right, no clinical tests have been evaluated in regards to Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and decreased fertility.

The seasonal flu vaccine is completely toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

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