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source: American Chronicle
by: Christina England

Recently, the media has reported that the HPV vaccine has been linked to 16 new deaths. Despite this however, it is being 'offered' to youngsters in the juvenile justice system according to S.A.N.E VAX Inc. Reports have stated that the FDA now have documents showing that since May 2009, there has been 16 new deaths reported, linked to the Gardasil vaccine.

"Judicial Watch, a public interest group, published results of its review of new documents on the side effects and reactions to Gardasil, the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV).

The documents are from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The documents showed 16 new deaths (including four suicides) between May 2009 and September 2010. The information also showed 3,589 Adverse Reactions Related to Gardasil between during this time frame, 789 "serious" reports, with 213 cases resulting in permanent disability and 25 resulting in a diagnosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome."

The report goes on to outline heart breaking stories about girls who have suffered a reaction to the Gardasil vaccine. Even more tragic than this is the fact that this vaccine is now being 'offered' to vulnerable girls in the juvenile justice system. This, according to S.A.N.E VAX Inc. is to raise the uptake of the HPV vaccine.
This means that the vaccine manufacturers and the government are in fact offering a vaccine to vulnerable youngsters, that is known to be high risk, purely to 'boost sales'. Merck, are making 'a killing', excuse the pun and in my opinion they are targeting the most vulnerable groups of society to enable them to do this.

These are youngsters who are in the justice system because they have been in trouble. Has anyone considered the pressure they must feel to 'toe the line', so to speak? It is not as if they are in a position to tell officials to stuff their vaccines where the sun don't shine. Has the justice system got the full medical histories of each one of these girls and who will be made responsible if these youngsters have a reaction to the vaccine?

Each one of these girls may have been in trouble with the law but they are still juveniles.

"In the United States, informed consent for medical services is supposed to be a right we all enjoy. The SaneVax Team believes the advertising campaigns run by the manufacturers of HPV vaccines do little to promote the notion of informed consent, and ´offering´ a vaccine to girls who probably believe their future within the juvenile justice system depends on their decision is not exactly the epitome of the concept of ´informed consent.´"

The VAERS website has reports of VAERS records currently containing 19,273 reports of adverse events and 81 deaths following HPV vaccination. New reports are coming in at a rate of 125+/week. Why are 39 states allowing juvenile detention center officials to grant consent for inmates? This is the question asked by the Age of Autism in their article entitled SaneVax Discovers Vulnerable Girls in United States Targeted for HPV Vaccination

My feeling is, that the system no longer cares what happens to the children of the world, just as long as the vaccine targets are met and the profits roll in.

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