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Docs & nurses just say 'no' to vaccinations

Posted by wicked blu Friday, October 8, 2010

If the flu shot was so damned important, why do the people who know it best, want it least?

A new report finds that barely half of all healthcare workers in California hospitals got flu shots last year, at the height of the Great Swine Flu Swindle.

What's more, two-thirds of state hospitals failed to meet the federal target of 60 percent vaccination rates, and only 1.6 percent had vaccination rates of 80 percent or better, according to numbers obtained by Consumers Union, the organization behind Consumer Reports.

Consumers Union seems to think this is part of some great national scandal -- that healthcare workers are putting themselves and their patients at risk by not getting shots.

PUH-leaze -- save the outrage act for faulty dishwashers, because these aren't irresponsible nincompoops. These are people exposed to the flu on the frontlines every day, people plugged into the medical community, and people who have read the very real and consistent research on the futility of the flu shot.

Give them a little credit -- they know something about this, and they know it's a hoax... and not just in California.

Across the country, healthcare workers refused to raise their sleeves for the vaccination last year, and in some cases it nearly cost them their jobs. Thankfully, the courts put to a stop to what was turning into a de facto forced vaccination program.

And now, the jig is up once and for all -- because if the shot was so important to good health, all these unvaccinated workers should have gotten sick... practically shutting down hospitals and clinics across the nation.

Remember the Great Doctor Shortage of 2009? Of course you don't -- because it didn't happen.

So if you can't take it from me, take it from them -- you don't need a shot to avoid the flu. Just good habits, good hygiene and a good immune system.

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