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Vaccines Damage: The Answer No One is Looking For

Posted by wicked blu Thursday, September 2, 2010


The greatest of medical detectives, the most loving of parents and the most genius of scientists can't seem to unravel the world of autism and the mystery of what may cause it. Now growing numbers of parents and doctors are declaring war to help find answers for the millions not yet touched by it.

As we searched for answers, we met some young warriors in the fight to defy science and stereotypes: Students of Miami's pioneering Victory School. Some of their parents share the nightmare Rick Blackburn lives. His son showed common symptoms of the onset of autism within days of getting vaccinated and was near death at only 18 months.

"We immediately took him to the emergency room and they couldn't do anything about the high fever, listlessness and the vomiting so they admitted him. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and they were warning us that he may perish. That he was not going to make it," said Blackburn.

What followed was chilling.

"What really was amazing was that we started running across parents in large numbers with the same exact story," said Blackburn

That's no surprise says, pediatrician, Dr. Eric Ryndland who is considered one of the nations foremost experts on autism and controversial in his public concerns over what he considers a potential safety risk of vaccines for some children and the urgent need he says for all parents to take charge of the decision to vaccinate or not.

When asked if the decision to vaccinate or not could put a child in danger, Ryndland responded, "Absolutely.
The vaccines sometimes are the straw that breaks the camel's back. The question is if the immune system is overloaded with too many vaccines over too short a period of time, or sometimes, in some cases where children are very susceptible, even one vaccine might cause a problem."

Rydland says there are many theories of why the mercury based preservative thimerisol captured headlines and was, according to the CDC, removed at their request from most childhood vaccines. Ryndland says it might not be the mercury but injections of multiple viruses into young children who may have compromised immune systems that could present a possible risk of triggering a variety of neurological problems.

The CDC reports that no link has been found between the common measles, mumps and rubella Vaccines and neurological disorders.

Frank Maye treats hundreds of autistic children and says he is haunted by the faces of parents struggling with the horror of the so-called lost children. As a former Miami-Dade detective turned holistic clinician, he is in the investigation of his life, trying to determine if there is a link between children getting vaccinated and autism, which he says is presenting in high numbers at the 18-month mark. "To me there are too many kids that have come in that have regressed at 18 months for it not to be something for us to look at," said Maye.

He confirmed that 80% of children diagnosed with autism develop problems at 18 months of age, and not at birth--a percentile he found shocking. "Absolutely shocking. We need to do something that is going to investigate that 18-month aspect and come up with and answer. I've looked all over the country. The pattern seems to be that the children that have a problem around 18-months have reacted to every vaccination whether they have had a 101 fever for about 24 hours and it has gone away," said Maye.

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