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Australia's Health Authority Failing The Public on Safety of Vaccines

Posted by wicked blu Saturday, September 25, 2010


Editor's note:
Vaccine safety is a misnomer. Their lethality is not based on theory, conjecture or is scientific fact. The safety of vaccines should no longer even be debated or addressed by those striving to accelerate the truth about these toxic injections. They can never be safe as long as health hazardous excipients are involved in their manufacture and flawed science is used to justify their medical administration. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine!

Australia's health authorities are failing to uphold the public safety of vaccines because of the confused and flawed monitoring of side effects, the Consumer Health Forum says.

In unusually outspoken criticism, the forum, which is funded by the federal government, has called for an urgent public explanation of why the CSL-produced Fluvax vaccine triggered a higher rate of hospital admissions than it prevented.

The forum's chief, Carol Bennett, writing in the Herald, said the saga over Fluvax, which has been linked to 1000 adverse reactions, including 100 cases of convulsion in infants under five, pointed to the need for reform.The Commonwealth's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop, issued a final recommendation against the use of Fluvax in infants under five, more than three months after the high rate of convulsions surfaced in Western Australia early this year.

The federal health department has distanced itself from the West Australian decision to administer Fluvax to all infants under five, stating it was outside the recommended national immunisation program.

The spokeswoman said it must be noted that ''all medicines, including vaccines, have a risk of potential side effects''.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration assessment was that the benefits of Fluvax outweighed the risks in the groups of patients for which it was indicated - that was children and adults with underlying medical conditions who could be adversely affected by the flu. (Editor's note: Actually the risks outweight that benefits, not vice versa.)

Ms Bennett also said there were clearly systemic communication problems between state and federal health bodies as evidenced by the three-week delay in the WA authorities reporting the increased problems with Fluvax.

Ms Bennett said there was also a perception of conflict of interest in the TGA's role as both assessing and listing drugs and then monitoring safety in a system that was funded by charges imposed on drug companies it regulated.

The department's spokeswoman said that the TGA was like all other Western medicine regulators in being responsible for both authorisation and safety monitoring of drugs and vaccines.

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