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GSK's Pandemrix Swine Flu Shot Caused Damage to Pregnant Rats

Posted by ObeMike Tuesday, November 24, 2009

source: theflucase

GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix swine flu jab caused damage to pregnant rats in pretrial studies, but governments are concealing this fact from people.

GlaxoSmithKlein saw increased rates of loss of pregnancies and malformations in offspring of PandemRix “mock-up” vaccinated offspring, but surprisingly documents of EMEA and WHO do not mention these disturbing abnormalities remarks Dr Eric Beeth.

Dr Beeth joined a citizen’s initiative taking the government to court to protect his profession of General Practitioners from unknowingly participating in an illegal experimentation on pregnant women, and practising the experimental vaccination without an informed consent form.

The dangers of this type of government protected experimentation is especially transparent when it comes to pregnant women, where no data, except the NOT very reassuring reproductive toxicity pre-clinical trials on rats existed before the experimental vaccine was tried out on a massive scale on pregnant women: those whom we must protect the most from all types of known and unknown drugs/pharmaceutical products.

Four pregnant women in Belgian are currently engaged in a legal action to obtain NON-EXPERIMENTAL, standard procedure H1N1 flu shots, without adjuvants, and preferably no thiomersal either.

In his article on , Dr Beeth quotes a paragraph in English from a study showing that offspring from pregnant rats that were given Pandemrix had an increased incidence of foetal malformations: the quote is taken from page 18 of this GSK patient information PDF in Canada: 

In a report in French, Beeth quotes a paragraph from a study showing that rats who were given Pandemrix had an increased incidence of fetal malformations.

There have been no clinical trials on pregnant women.

Pharmaceutical companies such as GSK might be expected to carry out these trials if there is evidence of such fetal malformations in rats. Their failure to do so suggests a deliberate attempt to manipulate clinical trials data to get an dangerous drug through to cause damage to pregnant women.

Four pregnant women in Belgian are planning legal action against the government for recommending the dangerous Pandemrix to pregnant women without adequate data. 

This is an extra from the report in French 

“Two reproductive studies were conducted with ASO3-adjuvanted H5N1 antigen and evaluated the effect on embryo-fetal and peri-and post-natal development in rats, following intramuscular administration. Although no definite conclusion could be reached, regarding a possible relation to treatment with the H5N1 vaccine and/or the adjuvant ASO3, and other findings were considered normal, the following observations deserve to be mentioned:

In the first study, there was an increased incidence of fetal malformations with markedly medially thickened kinked ribs and bent scapula as well as an increased incidence of dilated ureter and delayed neuro-behavioural maturation.

In the second study, there was an increased incidence of post-implantation loss, and the fetal variation of dilated ureter. Not all findings were observed in both studies, and hence the toxicological significance is uncertain.”

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