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H1N1 vaccine shortage fabricated to create hysteria, boost demand?

Posted by ObeMike Thursday, November 5, 2009

source: NaturalNews

There's a fascinating book by author Robert Cialdini called Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion. As someone who frequently writes about Big Pharma's social engineering tactics, I've read and studied many of these tactics, noting carefully how governments and Big Business use them to wage disinformation campaigns against the People.

I was recently chatting with friends on my Facebook page when a friend pointed out that she thought the vaccine shortage had been intentionally engineered to create greater demand once the vaccines were available. This immediately got me thinking about a chapter in the Cialdini book that writes about something I call the "disappearing cookies in the cookie jar" experiment.

This experiment reveals an extremely powerful strategy for influence. And as it turns out, the pharmaceutical industry is using precisely this strategy for fabricating huge demand for their vaccines in an effort to make sure all the vaccines sell out.

The experiment goes something like this:

A volunteer subject sits at a desk in a room, thinking he's there to answer some survey questions, but in reality, this is an experiment on human behavior and covert influence. A researcher sits on the other side of the desk, facing the subject. There is a glass jar on the desk, filled with cookies.

The researcher casually asks the subject, "Would you like a cookie?" And some percentage of subjects say yes, but it's a small number, perhaps something like 15% - 20% (I don't remember the exact numbers, but that's not important to the bigger point here). This same scenario unfolds across several hundred subjects in order to get a baseline measurement on how many people will take a cookie when one is offered to them.

To continue the experiment, the researchers then remove most of the cookies from the cookie jar and bring in another few hundred subjects to see how many of them will take a cookie when the visible supply of cookies is smaller. Some percentage of students take a cookie, but it's still not substantially different from the first part of this experiment when the cookie jar was full. So even though a larger number of people take a cookie when the available supply is smaller, it's still not a huge number.

The real magic happens when the experiment is repeated a third time, and during the experiment, before the subject is asked for a cookie, another unidentified person walks into the room and takes a cookie themselves! This is done in full view of the study subject who now sees a dwindling supply of cookies in the cookie jar. Subsequently, when now asked if they want a cookie, virtually everyone takes a cookie!

What this study caused researchers to realize is the influence power of a recently-reduced supply of a given item. Or, put another way, people want what other people are taking, and the more other people are reducing the available supply, the more people want it!

Big Pharma is using this same brain hack to fabricate hysteria over vaccines

This phenomenon is a sort of "brain hack" that's hard-wired into human neurology. It works almost hypnotically to create a surge of demand where none would rationally exist.

This is what's at work at frenzied retail store sales where a half-mad crowd of crazed shoppers trample each other to buy shoes at 70% off. The reason why these people are so strongly motivated to buy the products is because they are witnessing a rapidly-dwindling supply being depleted by everybody else. The witnessing of that act causes an almost hypnotic (and entirely irrational) increase in personal desire to have those same products, even if they don't need them!

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