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More Vaccine Deaths in Sweden - Desperate Cover Ups.

Posted by ObeMike Monday, November 9, 2009

source: theflucase

Five deaths within a few days from the "swine flu vaccinations" managed to slip out through the media. Authorities bragged about an "openness policy" and transparency to better calm everyone regarding the safety of the "swine flu" vaccine. But then something happened. No more official reports were made of so called side effects or deaths. Instead rumours and information about severe side effects started to spread in the Swedish society from private individuals reporting what they experienced. Blogs seem to be the people's choice when it comes to staying updated with current events nowadays.

We have reported about the five official deaths from the flu vaccine, all of them of course officially denied to have any link with the shot itself. We have received several messages and unconfirmed reports about more deaths in Sweden - all of them having one two things in common - clearly linked to the vaccine shots and not reported by media or authorities. 

It has, since the media black out regarding vaccine damages in Sweden, become known that the secret contract Sweden signed with GSK who produces the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" vaccine used in Sweden, forbids Swedish authorities to report on any side effects until GSK themselves have analysed the "results" and published a paper on them. 

Apparently, lower levels within the Swedish "chain of command" were "not in the need to now" and therefore proclaimed the openness policy which very quickly thereafter was completely absent and never mentioned again. 

Now, Swedish citizens who wants to know about the dangers of the vaccine either have to blindly believe in the obviously fraudulent claims made by the propaganda, "the vaccine is perfectly safe" or search for stories about side effects online. All major news papers are reporting in the exact same way and use the same keywords and catch phrases - everything looking as if clearly coordinated and led by some publicity expert within a lobby group. 

According to several Swedish bloggers, over twelve deaths have occurred, including the five official ones, but since authorities are involved with a massive cover up, we suspect many more have died from the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" vaccine shots. 

Some smaller publications seem to be harder to monitor and control and so a local news paper called Hallands Nyheter wrote about a case on a home for elderly in Falkenberg where two of them died in the night after having received the Pandemrix "swine flu" vaccine. The other elderly at the home and the personnel thought it very strange, since the two who died where relatively healthy compared to many other who got the shot. If they were dying or very unhealthy, they would never have been vaccinated according to employees at the home. 

The medical chief made a quick decision to stop the vaccination and an internal investigation was initiated. After the story was publicized locally and higher powers stepped in, the investigation "quickly concluded the deaths had nothing to do with the vaccination". Relatives to the killed ones are upset since they know there is no capacity at the home to make a proper investigation and they are upset about the cover up of the killing of their loved ones. Employees at the home were asked to keep quiet about the incident. The investigation is called a scandal. 

These news and the information is not published by any larger publication in Sweden but instead by bloggers and smaller local publications. One of these have counted to at least nine dead from the poisonous Pandemrix shot. We have earlier reported about pregnant women dying from the Pandemrix shot and a pregnant woman who was hospitalized with high risk of abortion. Read this article about fears among pregnant women and especially read the comments below: many report abortions and shares how they miscarried after getting the vaccine. 

It is now unclear if we ever will learn the real scope of the damages caused by the mass vaccination in Sweden. Authorities are hell bent on having as many as possible vaccinated and use every method they can part from what we might soon see - making the shots mandatory. The propaganda in Swedish media is now clearly ludicrous and very many Swedes are getting the feeling of that something very strange is going on. 

I have been officially blocked from posting comments on the major Swedish web news paper Aftonbladet. Very many others report that any comment questioning the propaganda is quickly removed. 

Johan Niklasson

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