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NZ Medical Health Researcher Puts NZ Minister on the spot.

Posted by ObeMike Friday, October 9, 2009

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To The Minister of Health
Tony Ryall
The Beehive
New Zealand
7 Oct 2009

Dear Sir,

My name is Brian Dodds.  I am health practitioner, medical researcher and author of the book FULL REGENERATION: The Ultimate Health Journey.  This e-mail is to inform you of my deep concern about the swine flu vaccinations scheduled to be administered to the New Zealand people in the coming months.  I have been researching the protocols of vaccination and retroviruses (especially AIDS) for 20 years and my findings are contained in my book.

In the light of the Baxter Corporation's contamination of haemophiliac blood clotting medicine in 2005 which is well-documented, and the recent contamination of the swine flu with avian flu virus in February this year 2009, I am very concerned that the New Zealand people should be administered vaccines from a company with that type of record.  My own research, and that of many doctors is that the swine flu is not dangerous and the vaccine`s validity and safety is at the very least questionable.

I have made a documentary movie which will be released in New Zealand in the next week or so outlining my research, the history of retro- viruses, the contaminations of the Baxter Company and your position on this matter.

Could you please let me know the official position and confirm or deny that you have chosen to import 300,000 dosages of the swine flu vaccination from the Baxter Company.  When I speak publicly throughout the country at the various premiers of my movie, I need to be able to convey your position on the matter.  I believe, through my movie, the New Zealand public will have access to more information than is currently available through the conventional media channels.

I look forward to your reply and apologise for taking your time.

Yours sincerely

Brian Dodds

03 525 9904
Author of the book

FULL REGENERATION: The Ultimate Health Journey

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