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German Gov Orders Pharma to Make New "SWINE FLU" Jab

Posted by ObeMike Tuesday, October 6, 2009

German Government and German Health Authorities have told pharmaceutical companies to produce a new "swine flu" vaccine without the dangerous ingredients of mercury and adjuvant squalene, according to reports in the German media dated October 3rd 2009.

Below is one such article. This is an electronic translation so please be accommodating if it does not make sense in places.

Saturday 3 October, 14:59

BERLIN (AP) In search of an improved vaccine against swine flu, the health authorities want to lead discussions with pharmaceutical manufacturers. A spokeswoman for the Federal Health Ministry told The Associated Press on Saturday that the authorities had decided at a meeting of leaders of the country on Friday. 

The new vaccine would do without most controversial additions that not only give more strength, but also the side effects.

According to the spokesperson will now discuss representatives of the Ministry and Thuringia with the pharmaceutical industry, how and when a new vaccine can be procured.

End of October, therefore, expected to start the vaccination of the population against the virus. The spokeswoman stressed that the inoculants was ordered admitted without reservations.

But opponents of vaccination tried repeatedly to draw the eligibility in doubt.

Newspaper: New vaccine against swine flu plan

Saturday 3 October, 08:09

The President of the Professional Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians, Wolfram Hartmann, told the paper, at least for children, the federal government would need to purchase a vaccine without active amplifiers and mercury, as it existed in the United States.

The report concluded that the effect of the recent sera is enhanced by additives, so less of the scarce drug is needed. The effect of amplifier capable of increasing side effects and had been included in any vaccine-counter.

The mercury-containing preservative thiomersal in vaccines was necessary since no single doses have been ordered, but bottles, each with ten units. Each dose was taken with a syringe, the remaining drug must therefore be protected from contamination.

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