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The German army announced on Monday that it is planning to give its 250,000 soldiers "swine flu" jabs without toxic heavy metals and adjuvants because of growing fears over their safety.

According to a report in the Bielefeld "Westfalen Blatt", the German army decided to switch to vaccines without mercury and squalene after doctors warned that GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix and Novartis's Focetria "swine flu" jabs with the untested toxins could have "incalculable side effects".

Baxter -- the company caught contaminating 72 kilos of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus in Austria in February, so nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic -- has just announced it is putting onto a market a swine flu jab called Celvapan but in a form that is without adjuvants and apparently also without mercury in response to growing protests inside Germany, especially from the federal states.

Baxter's Celvapan is also due to be used in the mass "swine flu" vaccination campaign starting in Austria from October 27th.

The German government's vaccine advisory commission was reportedly surprised over the army's decision to use a different vaccine from the one to be given to the rest of the population.

The German Health Minister Ulla Schmidt, who has been pushing the WHO-mandated swine flu jabs with heavy metals and adjuvants, said that a discussion about why the army chose to use different vaccines over safety fears was "surperfluous" during an EU meeting of health ministers in Luxembourg.

"The fuss that has been created today by this cannot be justified by anything," said Schmidt, insisting all the "swine flu" vaccines are safe.

The growing protests have resulted, however, in Schmidt having to back track on plans to give pregnant women the "swine flu" jab with adjuvants.

The decision by the German army not to give its soldiers the untested and toxic swine flu jab will raise questions about why other armies, including the US army, is going ahead with plans to give its soldiers the lethal jab in spite of the growing evidence these jabs will cause more death autoimmune diseases.

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