Saying NO to the Gardasil vaccine

Posted by wicked blu Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's an absolute outrage! Sixteen more deaths have been linked to Gardasil.

That brings the total deaths linked to this vaccine to more than 50. And yet somehow the medical mainstream is able to look the other way and still tout the party line that girls should be getting this shot!

How crazy can they be!?

A new study finds that more than 70 percent of young women who are eligible for the HPV vaccine are giving it a big "NO." What's more, many women who get the first of the required three-shot series never go back for the remaining shots.

But instead of applauding the girls' decision NOT to put themselves at risk, the mainstream is stupefied by this news. They're aghast and "saddened." They're scratching their heads, wondering, "What is WRONG with these girls?"

Here's the right question: What's wrong with these ridiculously entrenched mainstreamers? Especially when we consider the truth of the situation in relation to those that have received the Gardasil vaccine....

"Records Document 3,589 Adverse Reactions Related to Gardasil between May 2009 and September 2010, Including 213 Cases Resulting in Permanent Disability"

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