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Let the Flu Games Begin!

Posted by ObeMike Thursday, August 26, 2010

source: thehealthyeconomist
by: Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Let's take a walk down memory lane for a few moments, shall we?

Not so many months ago, in the Spring of 2009, the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) made its grand entrance onto the media scene.

Front page articles and leading TV news stories were the order of the day. Everyone seemed petrified that this was the next flu pandemic, the ONE that would be as bad as the 1918 pandemic (Spanish flu), or at the very least, the 1968-69 Hong Kong flu outbreak.

At the time, I blogged about the ridiculousness of the situation and how folks were clearly being manipulated and primed with fear for a certain mass vaccination effort to come in the Fall 2009. In one of my very first blog posts in April 2009, I joked that this would be a great time to visit Mexico and that I was not in any way concerned about this new flu emerging.

Did I stock up on hand sanitizer or start washing my hands more frequently than normal? Are you kidding?

The sound of Big Pharma executives salivating in their corner offices (or perhaps on their yachts) was audible to anyone with a shred of common sense. After all, pandemics can be incredibly profitable events, no? Nothing opens up people's wallets quite as fast as fear.

Sure enough, with the start of school in August/September 2009, the propaganda machine cranked up in full force.

H1N1 and Pregnancy

I had a couple of blog posts in the Fall 2009 commenting on the hysteria. The first one warned pregnant women not to get the swine flu shot despite the misleading and incredibly overblown news reports that pregnant women were dying from this virus.

I also wrote another post warning about the anecdotal link between miscarriage and the swine flu shot. Anecdotes were all anyone had to go on, as the H1N1 vaccine was untested and scientific examination of the link between this lethal cocktail and its effects on pregnancy would not be permitted on ethical grounds. Still, anecdotes were sufficient for many women, who very wisely opted out of this made for television drama.

H1N1 FluMist Vaccine

Noting the increasing resistance of people to the mass H1N1 vaccination effort, media reports began lauding the wonders of the FluMist Nasal Vaccine as an alternative to the shot. In response, I posted an essay by Dr. True Ott exposing the risks of FluMist that was being blindly promoted by the media.

H1N1 "Mildest Pandemic" on Record

Sure enough, the H1N1 virus made its way around the world, no doubt facilitated by the FluMist Nasal vaccine which used the live virus, causing the recipient to expose the contagion to everyone he/she came into contact with!

However, the fact that the virus was incredibly mild and for most people, less severe than the seasonal flu could not be ignored.

Nonetheless, the H1N1 hysteria took a long time to die down and everywhere you turned, pharmacies and even grocery stores were still promoting "free" H1N1 shots! Were these shots truly free? Absolutely not. Taxpayer dollars were being funneled into the coffers of Big Pharma to pay for this useless and dangerous vaccine.

H1N1 Declared a "False Pandemic to Sell Vaccines"

Then, in January 2010, news reports surfaced indicating that the Council of Europe's Head of Health had declared the H1N1 virus "a false pandemic to sell vaccines".


Too late for the billions in tax dollars that were spent on this useless vaccine, millions of doses of which were not even used as the public's perception of the fraud being perpetrated by Big Pharma grew more clear over time.

Did the World Health Organization (WHO) apologize and expose the manipulation for what it was?

When hell freezes over maybe. Instead, the WHO goes about its merry way continuing to warn about the dangers of H1N1 and how the vaccine is needed for protection from this "deadly pandemic".

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!

The WHO even had the gall to "declare the H1N1 pandemic over" in recent weeks.


Are You Ready for Another Flu Season?

With Fall 2010 and yet another flu season just around the corner, I hope this brief walk down H1N1 memory lane helps you to see how the WHO, CDC and other health organizations are basically puppets of Big Pharma.

Anyone suckered by the H1N1 hysteria last flu season can hopefully see more clearly going forward and be much more confident thinking for themselves rather than getting caught up in the media frenzy or a misinformed doctor's advice that a flu shot is a good idea.

Most importantly, remember that flu is, in essence, Vitamin D Deficiency Disease. It is not something you "catch" if vitamin D blood levels are adequate. Do your research and discover that nutrition is the key to protection and survival from these viruses that periodically sweep through the human population.

So, bring it on Big Pharma! We are ready for your games this flu season!

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