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by: Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom

As a homeopath, the healthiest kids that I see are unvaccinated.
The principle of vaccination rests on the concept of artificially stimulating antibodies in the hopes of preventing specific infectious disease in the future.

Historical revisionists controlling medical education have successfully convinced generations that every childhood disease results in death, completely ignoring homeopathic methodologies that result in significantly lower mortality and morbidity than allopathic methodologies.

Childhood diseases are a rite of passage that assist the necessary maturation of the immune system in preparation for healthy adulthood; one that is free of allergies and other chronic immune disorders. Suppressing the body’s appropriate response to the presence of predetermined pathogens is not a means by which the body is strengthened.

The symptoms of any given disease are merely the appropriate action by the body attempting to overcome it and are not the disease itself. Vaccination does not prevent disease; it suppresses the expression of disease. Those who undergo this medical rite of passage are typically rife with chronic inflammatory disease.

Should you acquire antibodies in response to normal viral-immune interaction, it should be noted that Nature and Nature’s God does not grant automatic, lifelong immunity. This should be a clue, especially to arrogant men who believe that they can do so artificially what life itself does not do naturally. If an antibody were sufficient to prevent disease, then adults who had childhood chicken pox would never get shingles, which is caused by the very same virus.

Ever since the adoption of Louis Pasteur’s misapplied Germ Theory, allopathic medicine has behaved like a perpetual war machine in pursuit of killing any microbe thought to be a disease-causing organism. Vaccination ignores Pasteur’s dying acknowledgement of the grave error he made in blaming the pathogen, instead of acknowledging Antoine Béchamp and the Law of the Terrain:

“The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

In other words, germs don’t cause disease; they are the result of disease. “Disease” being an imbalance in an environment giving rise to pathogenic life forms.

Environmental imbalances are caused by toxins depleting key minerals such as selenium, resulting in a reduced detoxification capacity. More toxins produce more deficiencies which results in even more toxicity. Each compounds the other in an ever worsening spiral unless the cycle is broken.

Vaccination begins the negative downward spiral via the injection of toxic poisons; violating and bypassing many layers of normal environmental protection (skin, hair, mucus membranes, saliva, lymphatic tissue, etc.) in an effort to trick the immune system into an abnormal antibody response.

How often do kids confront the world with their internal milieu exposed directly to environmental toxins and microbes as is done in vaccination? Exposure in this way would normally be considered an unusual accident, but allopathic medicine institutionalizes such assault and calls it good medicine.

Iatrogenic disease is the inevitable result of this windmill-tilting attempt to prevent acute infection. While I believe vaccination is detrimental to patients, it is extremely beneficial to the economic model of modern medicine. Through vaccination, life-long dependence on pharmaceutical drugs is the de facto response to manage future iatrogenicity.
Thus, vaccination is the gateway drug for the health of Big PHARMA, where the business of disease is disease.

Homeopaths would rather assist children to overcome disease naturally by encouraging appropriate physiological responses to immune threats. The allopathic obsession with germ avoidance has weakened and retarded normal immune maturation, preventing the strengthening necessary to remain healthy throughout the aging process.

Optimal nutrition, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene do more to reduce the incidence of serious childhood disease than any vaccination ever could. Eschewing vaccination is a responsible means by which we can protect the developing child and ensure a healthier, non-drug future.

Robert Scott Bell is known as the “voice of health freedom and liberty” and can be heard every week through Talk Radio Network on over 70 radio stations and the Internet. He regularly breaks stories affecting the health of millions of Americans that the mainstream media either ignores or suppresses.

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