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source: americanchronicle
by: Christina England

The suspension of the HPV vaccination programme in India has sparked a global demand to suspend the HPV vaccinations altogether. Parents and professionals from all over the world have come together and the organisation Truth about have demanded action saying:-

"False advertising/claims made by pharmaceutical companies, and legislation mandating vaccination without informed consent, are totally unacceptable."

A press release was released today. HPV Vaccination Campaign Suspension Demanded Globally U.S. Called on to Take Lead and outlines the problems demanding answers.

The six women spearheading the campaign and who run the site Truth About Leslie Botha; Cynthia Janak; Freda Birrell; Janny Stokvis; Karen Maynor; and Rosemary Mathis, and who presented research on HPV vaccine dangers to the FDA on March 12 state:-

"Why have the deaths of four girls in India halted the HPV vaccine campaign while the 67 deaths reported to VAERS been ignored by the US government? Mathis states, "We consider this a human rights violation, and request the US take the lead in protecting fundamental human rights by calling for a congressional hearing"

They report they can prove that certain Governments are deliberately lying to the public in saying that the HPV vaccine is 'mandatory' and that this is categorically untrue.

I agree it is totally unacceptable! Lying and falsely advertising a vaccine which is killing and maiming our children on a large scale, should not and must not be tolerated. This, however, is exactly what is happening. Their claims certainly do ring a few bells, let us begin with false advertising. Glaxo Smith Kline have certainly been seen by many to be making false claims in their advertising, especially with their advertising slogan 'Arm yourself for life' see my article Cervarix adverts are untrue and should be banned

Does the vaccine arm or even help arm a girl for life against cervical cancer? Well not according to their GP advert which states :-

"Duration and protection has not been fully established"

So where exactly is this helping to protect a child or women for life?

According to the article Cervical cancer jab as deadly as the disease the expert Dr Diane Harper is reported to have said:-

"All this jab will do is prevent girls getting some abnormalities associated with cervical cancer which can be treated. It will not decrease cervical cancer rates at all,"

Merck did no better and many have complained about their advertising slogan To Women: 'Get Vaccinated,' Be 'One Less' Cancer Statistic

I am not sure how the above is true in any way as again the expert Dr Diane Harper says differently, this time in her frank speaking interview she is reported to have stated:-

"If someone has HPV 18, for example, the vaccine won't provide any protection for that strain, or full protection for any of the other strains.' And since millions of women have HPV, millions of women could be getting vaccinated for nothing. Except side effects, that is…"

This of course must be taken very seriously indeed as Cervarix is also a vaccine for the strain 18 and Dr Harper is clearly saying that if you already have the HPV virus this vaccine is totally useless. Now presuming that Dr Harper is right and as an expert we have no reason to disbelieve her, what we are being told in these two advertising campaigns are lies, lies and more lies because no one is armed for life against cervical cancer and nobody is guaranteed to be one less cervical cancer statistic.

GSK have recently resulted to 'sweet smelling' advertising with their latest advert which really does go a step too far in my opinion. Perfume – Help prevent cervical cancer This advert certainly gets ones attention but I for one am disgusted by just how low they stoop to gain our attention.

In the war of the 'best adverts' of the year, Merck now target us on a trip to the cinema.

"When moviegoers catch up on the antics of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte this summer, many will first have to sit through a big screen ad for Gardasil, the vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV) that is aimed at combating cervical cancer. The ad campaign by the drug manufacturer Merck debuted during the premiere of Sex and the City and will run through June 26 in movie theaters across the country. The ad campaign, according to Merck, is aimed at 19-26-year-old women. It will also will be shown before other summer movie releases including Get Smart>/i> that likely will reach younger audiences — Gardasil is approved for girls age nine to 26.

Although the stated aim of the movie ads is to reach the 19-26 year olds, who dominate the Sex and the City fan base, the ad also will be shown in theaters playing movies like You Don't Mess with the Zohan and The Incredible Hulk raising speculation that young boys may be a target. Merck has acknowledged it is testing Gardasil on boys and young men who can carry the HPV virus with an eye to seeking FDA approval."

So are our children being fed these falsehoods with or without the popcorn and since when has it been OK to advertise a vaccine for a woman's cancer to a mixed audience including young children, the Incredible Hulk is after all a 12A certificate. This means and I quote from the British Board of Film Classification FA here-

"Q What does the ´12A´ mean in practice?

A Children under the age of 12 will be able to see a ´12A´ film at the cinema if they are accompanied by a person of 18 years or over. The adult must watch the film with the child or children and not just pay for the ticket."

Both GSK and Merck need to spend less time and effort coming up with new advertising gimmicks to grab our children's attention and more time on looking at the real problems surrounding these vaccines.

If the Indian government can protect their children then why are other governments dragging their heels?

Wake up USA, according to today's press release, 67 of your children have died and over 17,000 have been injured. These are children that once had futures and thanks to the USA government and the pharmaceutical industry, these futures have been stolen from them. I realise that vaccines are massive money spinners but how much money can you put on the life of any child?

I thought that this film may just bring a sense of realism to the lives of the USA Government and Merck.

Gardasil - The Damage is Done: From A Best Friend's View

If Governments, the medical profession and the drugs companies want the public to support them then they need to stop misleading them with half truths. Parents trust those who advise them, lying to them about pandemics that never happen and vaccines that will protect their children against every illness known to man is not the way to gain their confidence. Parents can only be fooled for so long. Drug companies and Governments should never underestimate the power of a parent. After all it was the parent Karen Maynor who began The Truth About Gardasil campaign.

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